We Are Young

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Jacket: BCBG Long Varsiity Tee: similar and here too. Jeans: super old, but craving these and these. Shoes:older, love and love

Every time I walk into Nordstrom Rack I feel lucky. I go in there determined, and I always walk out feeling like a winner. It is my favorite store and you will find that most of my garments come from there. I just find that it is a one stop shop, they have everything I need, and I know I am not going to get bad quality. Plus, everything is on sale!  I swear I should be a Nordstrom Rack promotor or something.

I got this BCBG jacket about a week before Christmas. I picked it up with about 4 others., and it is super special because my Husband gifted it to me. You know how when you try something on and no matter how many items you have left, you know that one that fits perfectly just has to be bought? That's how this was. I instantly fell in love with this piece. I live for the mix of textures it has, and trust me, it keeps me super warm. I also adore how different it is, which is one of the reasons I titled this post "We Are Young"...besides the shirt I am wearing. I always feel so hipster in this jacket, that's why I decided this American Eagle shirt would be perfect with it, along with my billabong skinny jeans (so old.) I then paired it with my Vans that was also gifted to me. 

It’s amazing how one outfit can make you feel like a totally different person, I wanted to jump on the Subway in New York with these garments…but that was impossible:) Happy Shopping friends!!