4 Tips on Making Free Time!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

With there only being 24 hours in a day, I am very careful with the way I spend my time...well..sometimes I am. Lol. 

I am a person who loves to be alone most of the time. I am interacting with humans of all ages (literally 5 years of age to 70!!).  My perfect day would be spent reading,writing, and eating while watching numerous episodes of reality tv. This SOMETIMES happens, but not often! 

I conjured up this post idea because I have a few days to myself this week. It really got me thinking that we all should have at least a couple of hours worth of free time to ourselves!

1. Stop Making Plans!
I am the worst at this, and this is really going to be one of those "practice what you preach" lessons. oI get ahead of myself and and will make plans a month in advance. The moment I say yes, I usually regret it! I hated saying no, crazy as it sounds. The more life goes on, the busier it gets for me. I hate that burned out feeling, and complaining just doesn't always work for me either. Now if someone asks me to do something with them, I usually say "Let me see how I'm feeling in that moment", and it works! I mean, why lie and say yeah when I know I'm probably not going to be able to do it anyhow? 

Or take a selfie of yourself. It's really refreshing...yeaaaah.

2. Or DO Make Plans!
Oh dear, I hope I am not confusing you. Before I said to not make plans, meaning, don't make plans that you know you can not keep. Trust me, people hate when others flake. But DO set goals and make plans that will benefit YOU. For instance, this weekend I am making firm plan to enjoy take my dog to the park while enjoying a boba. It doesn't have to be huge, just needs to be something where you can connect with yourself.  

3. Take Advantage of Every Second!
Omg, again, this is a "practice what you preach" lesson. Time passes us by like crazy. I can have a solid hour of free time and use it on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Haha, I know I am not the only one here! Can I get a witness? I get so angry at myself once that hour is over with and I've run out of time. One of my main goals is to use my wisely. I could be caught up on so much if I just got everything completed and out of the way.

4. Use Organizers to Help You
I have 3 organizers that keep me updated.
 Desktop Calendar: Located below! For starters this was just too cute so I forced to buy it. It really is just one big huge reminder of what events I have to focus on.
 Pocket Planner: I keep this in my purse at ALL times. It has all of my events, blog posts, shopping lists, menu for the week, and odds and ends that need to added. This planner is a life saver. I keep a pen on me at all times, and add ideas to it daily. 
iPhone: My iPhone is my biggest form of organization. The hubster and share the calendar on it and it really lets us know what's going on. Anytime I have to nanny or we both need to be somewhere, we update our calendar. I also use it like crazy for notes I think of so many blog post ideas while on the go, so when I do I just type them in my notes!!! I keep tabs on picture inspirations, looks ,and locations I would like to use as well. I also use my phone as my source of work while I'm on the go. I work as a freelancer and much of the work can be completed on my phone. Phones are amazing, point blank.

I hope this advice will help you with your free time! Remember, it's all about using your time wisely. #WorkHardPlayHarder!

Love and Sparkles // Chels

Sunday Lunchday// Boulder Take 2!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello Sparkles! Say it with me...SPRING.BREAK. 

I hope your weekend/week has been just as great as mine! I am thoroughly enjoying my spring break. It is only the second day I have already accomplished so much!! Been to Target about 4 times in 2 days! Lol, what am I going to do? This weekend was great, but the real fun didn't start until Sunday. Our Sunday Lunchday was at this place I have been wanting to try for a while. 

It's called Southern Hospitality, yes, lol. All the way up here in Denver! Did they have it?..Hmmm, maybe.

We sat on the patio right along the street and enjoyed people watching as we ate. Haha, we love doing that sometimes! You can learn a lot, I tell you. 

For the meal I had my classic chicken and waffles, I rarely say no to that. This was bone in chicken, but I would much rather have boneless. The waffle itself was totally perfect!! It was thin and crispy, just how I like them. I hate thick waffles...I hate thick anything {except for hair}. 

The hubster had a steak sandwich and sweet potato fries. We took a stroll on 16th street mall afterwards. 

Monday was great! Some gal pals and I drove to Boulder for the day. It was absolutely amazing, I mean I had the BEST time!! My friend Merilee is a Boulder native, and if you only want the best you should always go with a native!

We strolled Pearl St. and did a little shopping. Then we had lunch at this yummy place called Med. This pizza was bomb. 

I should work at this boutique :)

Merilee was a real good tour guide haha!! She showed us her family horse, Lizzy!! We got to brush her and feed her. She is truly a gorgeous horse. 

We also walked the campus of CU Boulder, it was so fun! And definitely strange for me as I've never really been on a college campus before! We had happy hour "On The Hill"  where I got a cool hipster vibe from!

 Goooooooo Boulder! And happy spring break!
Love and Sparkles // Chels


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hey Sparkles!

I am finally back in the groove of things, I really needed to take a step back and reevaluate the direction of my blog. I love that this blog is mine, it is like an escape of freedom for me. I work non stop, and there is nothing I would rather do (well...maybe), but things can get ca-razy!! From house duties to teaching to babysitting to freelancing to blogging...life is 100% filled with nothing but goodness!


I'm in love with this look today. I used to not be the biggest fan of layering, I just hated the feeling of feeling stuffed and confined (hence the reason I am a summer lover), I call this my "Prep Girl" look. I'm thinking of "Gossip Girl" in this very picture. I literally shopped from my closet for this look..nothing is new! 

Get the Look:

Love and Sparkles // Chels

Sunday Lunchday // Boulder

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hello Sparkles! Finally, another Sunday Lunch day post! This week has been a doozy, I finally got hit with the crud that's been going around. But thanks to my *Young Living Essential Oils* and some DayQuil ,I quickly got over it. After weeks of snow we are finally on the bright side, I can't wait to show off some of my favorite spring outfits!

The whole entire weekend was just gorgeous, y'all know I live for sunny days! Basically, I just spent this sunny Saturday taking selfies and eating cookies.


Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week and it always has been. It's just a day to relax and get prepared for the week ahead. We finally found a church home {shout out to Heritage Christian Center!} and that is a great kick start for the day/week.

We were bold and went to Boulder for lunch today. Basically, I just wanted to be outside livin' it up. Soooo off to Boulder we went! 

Denver, CO

This is the crazy view we got to drive into.

Boulder, CO

We ate at this local pizza joint called "Back Country Pizza". I love local pizzas because they just never come out the same, which makes them unique. I got the supreme pizza, and the hubster stuck with a burger. I was too hungry to get a great pic, sorry!

Boulder, Colorado

This pizza was so yummy and full of cheesy goodness. And really the best part is the fact that it reheats SO well (score!) Oh! And that crust..crunchy on the outside and totally soft on the inside. Thank you for treating us with love, Boulder :)

Love and Sparkles // Chels

Lush Face Masks

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lush products have been a new rage for me. It all started with purchasing a bar of soap..,and then 2...and then 3....and I haven't stopped. My face was going through it's annually angry stage a couple of months ago. I am super O.C.D. when it comes to my skin care routine, and I obsess over the best products to use and why.
Love Lettuce

 Since my face was having a major break out I knew I needed to do a deep cleanse, but I wanted something pure. Lush products are just always "safe" for me. I've used several face masks here and there, and this by far beats all of them. And get this, they are only $6.95! So cheap, yet so refreshing and cleansing. That price had be from the get go, but the unique thing about this is that it must be kept in the refrigerator. That cool feeling when I spread it on my face feels amazing.

Love Lettuce (the names are even unique) has never left my skin dry. Sometimes I dry products and my skin is so tight that it's a struggle to move it. It let it sit on my skin for 10 minutes tops, then I do gentle circular motions to exfoliate while taking it off.

Get the look:
Love Lettuce
Catastrophe Cosmetic

Catastrophe Cosmetic is Blueberry based and definitely has the smell of it. Again, this one also leaves my skin super soft and gives me a healthy glow. I think one of the big contenders for me is the way my skin looks afterwards. This one has always left my skin feeling like I had a mini facial. I prefer this one over Love Lettuce because of the radiance I have afterwards.

Catastrophe Cosmetic

catastrope Cosmetic

I follow up with my handy dandy coconut oil afterwards as a moisturizer. I feel like this just kind of seals the deal. Make sure to keep these masks in the refrigerator or they will spoil. Happy facial!

Rollie Derby

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hello Sparkles! I am so excited to be back after missing out on my blog for a week. Sometimes I just can't seem to get my ducks in a row. I've been so busy doing extra work, finals, and whatever odd balls life has thrown me over the last week. I don't mind though, I seriously thrive the most when I'm busy.

Today's outfit is one I wore on our v-day day date.  I knew exactly what I wanted to wear that day, and it had everything to do with these shoes. Have you ever found a brand that is so good you want to be dedicated to it? That's how I feel about Rollie.  This is another one of those "Nordstrom Rack does it again" item. I loved putting these with neutral colors, because above all I really wanted them to stand out. I've worn these shoes a couple of times and I am completely satisfied with their comfort.  With spring and summer coming rapidly (I see you, spring!), I just know this is going to be my go to pair for win. I feel like the only things missing from making this outfit complete was a bandana pin up hairstyle and a bold red lip. 

Get the look:

Love and Sparkles // Chels