4 Tips on Making Free Time!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

With there only being 24 hours in a day, I am very careful with the way I spend my time...well..sometimes I am. Lol. 

I am a person who loves to be alone most of the time. I am interacting with humans of all ages (literally 5 years of age to 70!!).  My perfect day would be spent reading,writing, and eating while watching numerous episodes of reality tv. This SOMETIMES happens, but not often! 

I conjured up this post idea because I have a few days to myself this week. It really got me thinking that we all should have at least a couple of hours worth of free time to ourselves!

1. Stop Making Plans!
I am the worst at this, and this is really going to be one of those "practice what you preach" lessons. oI get ahead of myself and and will make plans a month in advance. The moment I say yes, I usually regret it! I hated saying no, crazy as it sounds. The more life goes on, the busier it gets for me. I hate that burned out feeling, and complaining just doesn't always work for me either. Now if someone asks me to do something with them, I usually say "Let me see how I'm feeling in that moment", and it works! I mean, why lie and say yeah when I know I'm probably not going to be able to do it anyhow? 

Or take a selfie of yourself. It's really refreshing...yeaaaah.

2. Or DO Make Plans!
Oh dear, I hope I am not confusing you. Before I said to not make plans, meaning, don't make plans that you know you can not keep. Trust me, people hate when others flake. But DO set goals and make plans that will benefit YOU. For instance, this weekend I am making firm plan to enjoy take my dog to the park while enjoying a boba. It doesn't have to be huge, just needs to be something where you can connect with yourself.  

3. Take Advantage of Every Second!
Omg, again, this is a "practice what you preach" lesson. Time passes us by like crazy. I can have a solid hour of free time and use it on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Haha, I know I am not the only one here! Can I get a witness? I get so angry at myself once that hour is over with and I've run out of time. One of my main goals is to use my wisely. I could be caught up on so much if I just got everything completed and out of the way.

4. Use Organizers to Help You
I have 3 organizers that keep me updated.
 Desktop Calendar: Located below! For starters this was just too cute so I forced to buy it. It really is just one big huge reminder of what events I have to focus on.
 Pocket Planner: I keep this in my purse at ALL times. It has all of my events, blog posts, shopping lists, menu for the week, and odds and ends that need to added. This planner is a life saver. I keep a pen on me at all times, and add ideas to it daily. 
iPhone: My iPhone is my biggest form of organization. The hubster and share the calendar on it and it really lets us know what's going on. Anytime I have to nanny or we both need to be somewhere, we update our calendar. I also use it like crazy for notes I think of so many blog post ideas while on the go, so when I do I just type them in my notes!!! I keep tabs on picture inspirations, looks ,and locations I would like to use as well. I also use my phone as my source of work while I'm on the go. I work as a freelancer and much of the work can be completed on my phone. Phones are amazing, point blank.

I hope this advice will help you with your free time! Remember, it's all about using your time wisely. #WorkHardPlayHarder!

Love and Sparkles // Chels