About Chelsie

Hi Friends!

    My name is Chelsie! I hope you enjoy my new blog, Through Sparkles! It is truly such a fun thing to do, I now consider it as my hobby. It is so fun to share my love of outfit planning, beauty favorites, and lifestyle in general. Everyone should express themselves, and I believe in expressing me through fashion...and now through this blog!

I have lived in MS, CA, and now CO. I am a military wife, and throughout my life, many have told me I have such a "sparkly" attitude. And that is how I view life, through sparkles! I am a bubbly person who is always optimistic. I love reading, shopping, being at home (i'm a homebody) and working!

     I am a Teacher's Assistant for First Grade, this has been my job for 4 years. I love teaching and these kiddos make me feel special every single day. I have been married for 5 years to my best friend! We are high school sweethearts, and he loves fashion just as much as I do! I can't wait to connect with each of you, happy blogging!

With Love,
Chelsie Elizabeth