Winter Accessories: Scarves

Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Friday! I feel like I go through the week swimming in a deep sea; and when Friday arrives I come up for air. Even if I have a hectic weekend, the end of the work week is an accomplishment for me. I just really thank God for work. I hear others complaining of lack of work; and sometimes I complain of too much work. I'd rather have the latter.

Scarves are my favorite winter accessories thus far. I just began wearing hats and ear muffs, but scarves have been in the running a long time. I pulled a couple of favorites from my collection, old and new.

This is my newest scarf, my Steve Madden baby. And I am so sorry, but I can't find this newbie online anywhere, so I posted a similar one below. 

Plaid is always in, it's something I feel you can't go wrong with. My cool photographer gave me a new style with this one, it's called the "jacket scarf"... If you haven't notice, it grows into dark green, and eventually into black. It's my first ombre scarf!

plaid blanket scarf

I am always looking for versatility, but have it simply around my neck was enough for me

plaid blanket scarf

This is an oldie but the best goodie. Looooooove texture, people! And I swear, this one really does keep you warm, it is not just for looks, I promise! I thought this one paired well with my outfit as a simple but elegant addition to it. See how versatile it is? 

fur collar scarf winter

I hate buying pieces for my closet that I can only wear "once" or with a certain outfit. That is so stupid to me. And I am just a "specific piece" gal. I will mix and match until I'm blue in the face. 

Stay super warm the rest of this winter with fashionable and simple scarves. #lifesaver.

fur collar scarf winter
Photography by Caitlynn Nonaka, Black Bird Photography
Get the look:

Love and Sparkles // Chels