Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's the middle of the work week and I didn't even know it. 
You heard me right. We had Monday off, it was sooo nice, but it totally threw my whole week off. I'm still thinking today is Tuesday, and rejoiced when my sweet students informed me that "it's Wednesday! Mrs. Hudnall, you are so silly!" Gotta love their corrections. 

I am loving my new dress that's more than great for spring. It's both easy on the eyes and on the body, super duper lightweight. This is another Nordstrom Rack steal. 

nordstrom rack, blue, through sparkles
One of my favorite details of this piece is it's black slip. I have several dresses that are so see through I usually have to wear a cardigan with it. I haven't brought myself to buying a slip. When I think of those, I think of my mom picking out my Sunday outfits complete with a white slip and white tights. Wow. 

blue, nordstrom rack, through sparkles

My favorite detail on this dress is the blue pattern at the bottom. It played safe with the neutral colors, until  it reaches the bottom, and...surprise!

california, dress, nordstrom

How fun is this jewelry? 

This necklace is from the school I worked at in Biloxi, MS. The secretary gave it to me as my going away gift, so special.

It was gorgeous this day in Denver, and I was missing Hawaii so I dedicated my right wrist to it. We went to Waikiki a year and a half ago for vacation. If you have not been, I'm sorry. It is life changing, I don't even need to travel out the country to other tropical places. I found all I needed in Hawaii. Aloha. 

And this fun bracelet riding solo? A love gift from the Hubster for our "together" anniversary. 

bracelets, hawaii, bcbg
Photography by Caitlynn Nonaka, Black Bird Photography

Get the look: 
Dress: Max Studio, Similar
Mrs. Hudnall braceletBCBG

Meet you back here on Friday!

Love and Sparkles // Chels