Nars Foundation/Tarte Eyebrow Review

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hello, Friday!

The weekend is here and it feels refreshing. Plus, I have Monday,woohoo! My off days are rarely spent doing nothing because that were the case nothing would be complete. So I use them to get caught up on extra work, house duties, errands, and homework. But this weekend is V-day and we have a couple of other activities to do, so excited!

I recently purchased this Nars sheer glow foundation, along with this Tarte eyebrow pencil. Well, maybe not so much as recently, it was in December. I have this weird thing about me wear I am unable to use a fresh, new product until I have used my current product up. I was still on my No.7 foundation (sold at Target), but I had been wanting to try Nars for so long.

It reminds me of silk, that's how smooth it is. I don't need that much coverage, and I actually feel like I'm not wearing anything, especially through the weekday. Now, if I add the whole 9 yards to it, such as concealer, highlighter, etc, my face feels a little heavier.

Pros: Light on the face, full coverage, glows, great for dry skin
Cons: Because of the sheer glow, I found that my face turns out to have sort of an ashy appearance while using a flash.

nars foundation
Get the look:

Let's talk about this Tarte eyebrow pencil. I am on the fence about this pencil, there's nothing wrong with it at all, but it also isn't the best for it's price to me, either. I do find that I love that it's waterproof, definitely don't want my eyebrow game screwed. It's a pretty penny for this product, and it didn't last as long as I thought it would. Hmmm... I am using Anastasia Brow Gel since I ran out of this pencil. The gel is a lot better than the pencil in my opinion. It really just falls down to how well the person is with perfecting their brows. I. suck. at. it.

Pros: Easy to use, waterproof, controllable
Cons: I'm not sure if I was over using this pencil, but it seemed to only last me for about 3 weeks