Sunday Lunchday // V-Day

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I. Loved. This. Weekend. More than you will ever know. Nothing like spending time with the Hubster and good friends. V-day was amazing, ah! I love when we have the best days that are so good they can't even be relived.

The hubster definitely spoiled me this v-day, I thought we had a mutual agreement on not exchanging gifts this year, but of course he's the hero in this relationship. He woke up earlier than I did and when I came downstairs this baby was waiting for me.
versatile bike

You can close your mouth now, I know its a beauty.

pink bicycle

I have to tell you a secret, this is the first bike I have ever owned! I rode a bike for maybe a day and, yikes, haaaated it! I just remember my brother pushing me down the driveway and it was over from there. I'm not an outdoors-y, girl anyways wasn't a loss. However, I am in loooooove and can't wait to ride around Denver on my new bike! I feel closer to a Coloradoan now.


Really, it was so gorgeous Saturday. This photo reminds me of my home in Mississippi greatly. That metal gate, barb wire fence, and that pasture, wow. 

We (I) finally had Dunkin Donuts, the cutest and sweetest heart donut just for this special day.

It was super sweet though, almost couldn't be consumed.

dunkin donuts wendell hudnall

And more gifts...I'm telling you...this guy...

valentines day gifts

Phenomenal day with a phenomenal guy. I tell you, I (we) are truly blessed. This guy and I have dated since we were 15 years old. He is my first and only boyfriend. I love him so much. 


Love and Sparkles // Chels