Sunday Lunchday // Avalanche Game

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I love you, weekend. You are such a tease, I could learn a lot from you. As usual, we had another busy weekend it. I can't imagine what life will be like when we have kid(s) compared to now. I barely have one breathing moment in between activities, and I wouldn't trade it in for anything else right now.

Wendell and I got to experience our first Avalanche game Friday night (the hockey team, in case some of you don't know). We went with my best friend Jules and her fiance Brian. It's always a good time with them, we are the silliest and craziest duo to walk the streets of Denver. Nothing gets by us and I love our friendship.

Y'all hockey games are so dang entertaining. The fans are hilarious and the players are aggressive, its just so fun to go to. I didn't understand a single thing, but it was fun to watch.

avalanche hockey game

avalanche hockey game
I was exhausted.

Have I mentioned how much I love sushi? It's one of my favorite meals, and thankfully my dear friend Alicia feels the same way. We had a sushi date on Saturday, and...It. Was. Dee.Vine.

Hubster and I have a weekend problem: We can't stay away from the sonic slush. There's no greater weekend night than driving the 1 mile to sonic and getting 1 Route 44 for him, and a medium for me. We've been doing it since we were 15, but when we lived in MS we had to drive 12 miles. Yep, we are originally good ole country folks.

Our Sunday Lunchday was a snowy adventure. It snowed all of Saturday night, out of no where, what the heck?

We ate at a restaurant in Capitol Hill called Sassafras American Eatery. It was so delicious and everyone was super duper friendly, which makes the experiment way better. We arrived at 1:30 and they closed at 2:00 that day because of the Super Bowl.  We only had to wait for 10 minutes or so and they have a whole room just for waiting upstairs.

I got biscuit and gravy as an app because it looked delicious and I had a 50% coupon from Yelp, booyah.

It is an eccentric place with a home-y vibe. Our food was great, they are know for their buffalo hash, which is what Wendell got. He really enjoyed it, it's just one of those petite dishes.

I also got the shrimp po boy with sweet potato chips...mhhmmmm as Phaedra Parks says.
sassafras denver

I would definitely go back here again. I mean the staff was so friendly and the food was great, win win.

So it's all over, another 5 days before we start the fun again. Hope yours was as enjoyable as mine.

Love and Sparkles // Chels