Sunday Lunchday// Boulder Take 2!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello Sparkles! Say it with me...SPRING.BREAK. 

I hope your weekend/week has been just as great as mine! I am thoroughly enjoying my spring break. It is only the second day I have already accomplished so much!! Been to Target about 4 times in 2 days! Lol, what am I going to do? This weekend was great, but the real fun didn't start until Sunday. Our Sunday Lunchday was at this place I have been wanting to try for a while. 

It's called Southern Hospitality, yes, lol. All the way up here in Denver! Did they have it?..Hmmm, maybe.

We sat on the patio right along the street and enjoyed people watching as we ate. Haha, we love doing that sometimes! You can learn a lot, I tell you. 

For the meal I had my classic chicken and waffles, I rarely say no to that. This was bone in chicken, but I would much rather have boneless. The waffle itself was totally perfect!! It was thin and crispy, just how I like them. I hate thick waffles...I hate thick anything {except for hair}. 

The hubster had a steak sandwich and sweet potato fries. We took a stroll on 16th street mall afterwards. 

Monday was great! Some gal pals and I drove to Boulder for the day. It was absolutely amazing, I mean I had the BEST time!! My friend Merilee is a Boulder native, and if you only want the best you should always go with a native!

We strolled Pearl St. and did a little shopping. Then we had lunch at this yummy place called Med. This pizza was bomb. 

I should work at this boutique :)

Merilee was a real good tour guide haha!! She showed us her family horse, Lizzy!! We got to brush her and feed her. She is truly a gorgeous horse. 

We also walked the campus of CU Boulder, it was so fun! And definitely strange for me as I've never really been on a college campus before! We had happy hour "On The Hill"  where I got a cool hipster vibe from!

 Goooooooo Boulder! And happy spring break!
Love and Sparkles // Chels