Thursday, January 15, 2015

I love to be carefree, and I take pride in that. I'm blessed to have a husband who lets me explore who I am, be a complete klutz and laugh when I should be more serious. He breezes through all of this even though it kills him. 

Oh so often do females categorize ourselves. I only stopped doing that about a year ago when I noticed I couldn't keep up with everyone around me. I can't compare myself to others and feel sorry for myself. My friends and I would complain, and I would notice they would express how awesome my life was, to be already married and travel around the country. I used to brush that off and tell them it "wasn't so great.” But after nights of praying and soul searching, I realized I am exactly where and who God wants me to be. 
It’s important to be honest with yourself. Remember... nothing in life can be rushed (well, those last minute papers due at midnight can be, but I don't recommend that).
Photography by Caitlynn Nonaka, Blackbird Photography
Dress: Delia"s, very old, but I'd rock this one on clearance and this one from Express. Scarf: Moms :) similar. Boots: Love love love these boots from Sears

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel empowered :)