Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hi Sparkles! I have been slacking horribly lately on my blog. Trust me when I say it takes a ton of dedication. Researching, planning, and actually DOING was becoming a struggle for me for a while. Anyway, it's all good now. I can't believe how fast my summer has went, I only have about 2 weeks before school starts back! 

I wore this dress the beginning of summer, ya know, way back in June when we were just getting started. And to add more, I ordered this dress from LULU'S in March. I was always just waiting for the right time to wear this baby. 

Dresses are my favorite, it's an outfit in itself, and so easy to put on and accessorize! Next time I wear this, I may go for an evening look and swap out my sandals for wedges.  Check out LULU'S website, their collection really stands out. 

Dress: LuLu's
also loving this one and this too